Celebrating Diversity

More than a road trip the Rainbow Rampage is a fabulous expression of spirit. We welcome participants of every color and stripe to represent the full spectrum of Gay identities, personalities and style.

Guaranteed to be both a spectacle and a great time we will be visible in ways that no local event can be.


Taking in some of the best roads in Europe and the US visiting several of the most famous cities and sites settings, Rainbow Rampage guarantees to provide a stimulating drive and an unforgettable journey. You will be driving your car across some of the most spectacular sights and scenery in Europe and the US. Along the way you will complete a few challenges, and enjoy notorious evening parties. A fabulous ending to this great event will be the Gay Pride Parade in Budapest and the famous LoveFest in San Francisco.

EU Rainbow Rampage

Brighton to Budapest
Dates: To Be Announced
7 days-2300miles/3700km

US Rainbow Rampage

Seattle to San Francisco
National Park Route
Dates: To Be Announced
7 days-2200 miles/3540km

The European Rainbow Rampage will follow a route through:
Day 1 Brighton to Paris
Day 2 Paris to Amsterdam
Day 3 Amsterdam to Hamburg
Day 4 Hamburg to Berlin
Day 5 Berlin to Prague
Day 6 Prague to Vienna
Day 7 Vienna to Budapest

The US Rainbow Rampage will follow a route through:
Day 1 Seattle to Crater Lake
Day 2 Crater Lake to South Lake Tahoe
Day 3 South Lake Tahoe to Yosemite
Day 4 Yosemite to Las Vegas
Day 5 Las Vegas to Joshua Tree
Day 6 Joshua Tree to Los Angeles
Day 7 Los Angeles to San Francisco

EU Route Map

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US Route Map

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